Monitoring Systems

Never again worry about what happens while you are away. With our monitoring system you will be always informed if an unusual event occurs within your home, which gives you freedom to relax at ease. When ZoeHome detects unwanted movement, you will be immediately informed and sent snapshots of footage captured by your monitoring device.

Feel safe and be updated!

Receive Alert Notifications

Relax and enjoy being away and let ZoeHome notify you when unwanted events occur within your home.

Footage from your Monitoring System

When an event occurs and a notification has been recieved, remotely monitor the situation and access historical footage at anytime via the app.

Control via App and Computer

The monitoring system is present in our ZoeApp to give you a precise idea about the unwanted activity within your home.

Functions of the alarm control with the ZoeApp:

Turn the alarm on/off.

Check notifications and the footage from the monitoring system.

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