Consumption metering

Use the ZoeHome platform to monitor your everyday consumption in order to analyse your energy demands. Keep track of all types of consumption via your app such as – electricity, water and heating. Check your consumption history to learn when you use the most energy and how you can save even more. Optimise your home to save even more by using the gathered statistics, you can easily detect possible failures, should they happen.

What can you get out of this?

Water, Electricity and Gas Metering

Keep an eye on your home or apartment by monitoring its consumption. check each daily log to map out predicted energy usage. Tailor your energy usage by studying the data logging provided by the ZoeHome platform.

Failure Detection

Cross reference historical data in order to pin-point a defect or problem within your systems. Leak protection, excess electricity usage and system failures can all be analysed remotely via the app.

Monitor via App and computer

Functions of the consumption metering in the ZoeApp:

Always up to date consumption information

Statistics to have an overview over the long term consumption that may help with possible failure detection.

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