Green Energy Monitoring

Think green! With ZoeHome, not only can you monitor consumed energy, but you can also monitor generated energy. As domestic installations of PV, wind and hydro become more popular why not let ZoeHome do the calculations for you with our monitoring system. Receive notifications of system performance and faults via the Zoe platform.

So how can we help you?

Green Energy Metering

Are you producing renewable energy? It is always good idea to have some sort of energy monitoring and management system. Keep track of your production online via the ZoeApp. The Zoe smart energy management allows you to optimise your home generation to the utmost degree, resulting in cost saving and a peace of mind.

System Failure Detection

Our system offers daily data logging which can be a great tool to detect big drops in production. Receive alerts via alarm messages when the system detects failure or problem.

Monitor via App and computer

Functions of the Green energy production metering in the ZoeApp:

Monitoring generation

Daily Statistics

Alarm messages when the system detects failure.

Let's make your energy production reliable!
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